What happened yesterday was completely stunning. There were too many co-incidences and it is too much to believe it was not God’s will.

Had to take a 5:50 am flight to Delhi to attend to a case in the Supreme Court – a sticky messy case and we thought it would get extended once again….as always.

So I got up at 3.30am..and decided to take a train (how all I travel to and from the airport is a separate post). It was pouring in Mumbai…and that was an irritation because it would have limited my options.

Just as I was getting out of the house…there was no rain. So here was I in a white shirt, black pant, leather shoe…NO UMBRELLA..walking (well NOt in the rain!!). Suddenly I decided to Jog ..and that increased my speed in my walk to the nearest railway station. Suddenly from the corner of my eye saw the train..and mentally gave up. Then decided to run (OMG all the 83 kg of me..in a leather shoe wet roads ..etc) and got the train.

Got off at Kurla…ran and took an auto. At 4.30 am nice to get an auto who listens to you…and reached the airport. There was such a long queue at the Mumbai airport …(Jairam Ramesh YOU will be the architect of Mumbai’s fall?). Reached the Spice Jet counter…and ha..just checked in. No luggage …44 minutes to go for the flight.

Again a long queue at the Security….ha with a boarding pass, now it was SJ’s problem..but got in no sweat.

NORMALLY I carry ONLY my pan-card as a photo-identity but yesterday decided to carry my election I-card also. The real truth is I was wondering whether to carry my voters I-card instead of my Pancard – just in case..!

However reached the Supreme Court (poor attitude at the Meru pre-paid counter, but decent taxi service) at 9am. For a Supreme Court Identity card they NEEDED a photo I-card WITH ADDRESS – that meant my Voters I-card got used.

Went into the Court…Judge said..let us finish the case..in 10 minutes we were out. WITH A VERDICT, not an admission of SLP.

Amazing – could have missed the train, a breakdown of auto was possible, a slight delay in the train, a longer queue (anywhere) ………any of these things could have ensured that I did not go.

But I went, reached on time, faced the lawyers, sat through the judgment… still cannot believe.

Thank you God, thusi great ho..!

PS: I realize that even if I had not gone the decision would have been the same, in the whole scheme of the things in the world, it would not have mattered..but just it feels good to count your blessings.

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  1. In July 2005 I was driving to Mussorie from Chandigarh for a vacation with family. It was raining a little and night was approaching so we took a short cut from Dehradun & went thru Cantt area which is out of the normal urbanization & as you have it Murphy’s law: Car got Breakdown, Engine stopped & refused to start up again. I was nervous, It was getting darker, my 2 years daughter was crying for milk & wife was worried. There was no hotel, market or even a paan beedi stall near by. No car was passing the road who could give me a lift nor any auto or rickshaw. I asked one Jawan passing by if any auto shop is there but acc to him nearest was 8km away. OMG, To give a try I opened the bonnet to see if some thing can be done. I was afraid & that time I was about to cry at my helplessness. I prayed from the deep to God for help, at least for the sake of baby. Few minutes passed & I heard a voice “Bhai sahab car kharab ho gayi hai kya”. I looked up & saw there was a service van of Maruti standing nearby. I said yes & a man jumped out in the uniform of mechanic & in five minutes car was OK. I asked for the bill & he said Oh its OK we were returning frm a complaint & then we saw that your car bonnet was up & you were with family so we stopped to help, no need to pay anything & they drove away.
    From that day I started believing in the supreme power, If you are really in need, he will help you. God is really great!!!!!

  2. I’m able to relate to what both of you’ve said. Most of us have some finer moments in life when we feel the infinite grace and the resultant gratitude.

    Since I too have had some happenings like this, I’m able to relate to your gratitude for grace.

    However I want to bring in another dimension. Like we at times go through finer moments like this, there are many failures, frustrations, pains and sufferings too in our life. Who is responsible for the same?

    Like Ramana Maharishi asks as to how many Markendeyas are in our puranas and didn’t Markendya also die subsequently?

    Even many sages like Ramana, Ramakrishna, Nisargadatta, J.K etc shed their mortal remains because of cancer.

    When I went to Apollo cancer hospital for collecting biopsy report of one of my close relative, I saw young children and infants suffering from cancer and some of them have only a very short span of life glaring ahead of them. Who is responsible for this?

    You’ve given me a topic today to write in my blog, as I mostly write about finance and some times about other general topics. Mr.Subra, I’m going to write today, ” If God is responsible for good, who is responsible for bad?” If interested, you may read the same and share your insights.

  3. Hello Subra,
    I really love the way you write, sometime its difficult to grasp but after reading it again i get it. How do learn to get a thought proces like that, I feel it not in your writing, its the way you think which comes out on paper. Please let me know some priniciples which you follow in life which enhances once thinking capability.

    Hello Muthu,

    I knwo many were hard on you, I would like to say, you write really well. I like to read your comments too. If you can help me for what I have asked Subra too that would be appreciated.

    I read many articles, blog, news papers but the issue is I dont remember it after a while and if I do I am not able to articulate it.

  4. Dear Nipi,

    In my opinion, one needs to read a lot of what other have written to write well. We learn by observing others. No knowledge is new, the way of articulation can be.

    To articulate well, you need to develop your own perspectives, fully understanding that it is only subjective. There is nothing objective about our thinking. So people can and will differ from what you say. That is fine. Variety is the spice of life. The paradox is strive to develop your knowledge and thinking and at the same time do not take your thinking and knowledge seriously.

    We don’t know what we don’t know.

    I’m a kid when compared to Mr.Subra’s original thinking and writing skills. He is a ‘Pithamagar’ for bloggers like us.

    He would be able to tell us better.

  5. Beautiful post Subra. You have this habit of making me really think about things that matter – how small things contribute to the patchwork that is life. Thank You

  6. happy that Muthu called me Pithamagar – I am exactly in Bheeshma’s position. People ask me what ever they want then they do what they like.

    I am yet to reach the bed of arrows…and still waiting to meet Krishna so that I can say the Vishnu Sarsaranamam.

  7. Dear Mr Subra,

    Coincidence is when the almighty wishes to remain anonymous.

    We should remember and savour such moments and also like you rightly said.. we should count our blessings and be grateful.


  8. Subra – Things just happen to fall in place at the right time ….. But for not everyone ….. Only for the right people …….. who deserve least friction on the way to their goals …..

  9. Mr.Subra- Nice truth and humour. So you meet lot of Gauravas, and probably less pandavas (as anyhow they are small in number compared to Guaravas). I wish you are spared bed of arrows and happily meet your Krishna and say the Vishnu Sahasarnama…

  10. Dear Subraji,

    Now a days I used go through your postings very often along with comments. In the letter written by Muthu, I feel he has made some spelling mistake by ‘Pithamagar’. If I split it it is Pitha = father and magar = crocodile. The correct one I hope is “Pithamaha”. Please forgive me if I am wrong. I don’t have any ill feelings towards him. I like his writings too.

    Recently I have purchased your book “Retire Rich”, and is a fine book book one should have.

    With regards

  11. Kapil- For God, there cannot be any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ people. All are his products. We mould God in our own image and think that he has preferences, likes and dislikes etc. God is not a person. Since we are human beings, we think that God is a person.

    Other beings, if they are endowed with intellect, would think of God in their own image. For example, if a Lion has intellect, it would think of God as the biggest and the greatest Lion. We, the human beings, assume that the we are the superior race in the universe.

    We do not know about other universes (which are innumerable, as per science) and may be other beings there.

    Try reading Bill Bryson’s ‘A brief history of everything’.

  12. thanks KrishnaKumar 43,000 people have touched the book (some have bought it some have got it from somebody else!) about 100 of them have written in – which I really think is a good number in terms of feedback.

    Thanks for writing in…

  13. oh my god
    now subra’s blog is turning out to be Ekta kapoor’s emotional rona dhona kind of serial with muthu playing a perfect mihir’s role of kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.
    muthu is giving a perfect emotional quotient in this saga.
    tell me subra is there anything new in the above story which u have shared with us?
    for every Indian above story is a routine of daily life.
    i think when u were travelling u had pre-determined idea of writing this blog.
    so, u observed every action of your’s very carefully while travelling and added some emotional mirch masala to it and the blog dish is ready to be served.
    India is country where if u give graduate certificate,government officer will ask u to go home and bring ssc certificate.
    Every examination which we all have written in our life, we always reached examination hall just before five minutes.
    muthu is hyper emotional,for every two lines written on him, he would occupy 20 lines of cyber space to defend himself, emotionally weak people rarely survives in stock markets.

  14. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Thousands die.. One ” Miraculously ” escapes..
    God is Great!!!
    Or is it that? .. Its a lucky coincidence?
    There are so much events which look like miracles.. But most are pure coincidences..
    The Human brain loves patterns.. We tend to look for cause and effect where none exists!!

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