Did you like the title of this story?

that is the question..

putting together a book containing topics like practice management, how to bill, how much to charge..etc. as the first block of chapters

then saving, spending, Investing and protecting – all steps of getting rich. This book is trying to get doctors to read and apply that knowledge in their real life..

thought of many titles including ‘Hey Doctor, Get Rich’ ..ultimately settled for Get Rich: A wealth Prescription for Doctors…hope the doctors like it. 🙂

Of course it will take about 6-9 weeks to hit the market…by the way ‘Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day’ is doing well…and people are buying it (I hope they are reading it).

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  1. Apt title. My (ill) health has given me the privilege of knowing many doctors in chennai, some by force of circumstances, ended up being my clients to. I want to gift your book to these Doctors, who have ensured that I’m able to continue doing what I enjoy most. I’m placing an order today through your web portal for your ‘Retire Rich’ book too. If I like it, which I hope I’ll, I will definitely recommend to others too.

  2. Also I created a free advertisement for my yesterday’s Jaya TV program in your portal too, which you accomodated too. I hope nobody saw it, because yesterday’s ‘Dial Jaya TV’ show ended up being a wrong number. Eureka, as I write this comment, you’ve given me a topic to write in my blog today. Since I’m not modest and keep appreciating myself, it is an opportunity for little bit deflating my ego today.

  3. Hi Subra!

    I have been reading your blog thoroughly since past couple of weeks. Initially, when I came across your blog, it was a bit over my head but still liked it. So I went across to other, more basic financial blogs (jagoinvestor.com) and now I don’t find your blog complicated! (Am I financially literate now?! Probably not, as Deepak Shenoy’s blog still goes over my head!)

    I bought your book Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 A Day and read it too :). Since I am only 23, part of it was not really that important for me (like financial tools for retirees as I am long way off before going into all that), but I learned a lot from it. Now I understand what all needs to go into planning for future financially; what remains is the execution part which I am confident I will be able to take care of with the help of blogs as good as yours!

    Please keep writing and sharing your knowledge and insight. You are doing great service to lesser financial mortals like me!

    P.S. You can take this comment as an inspiration to keep writing further if needed! 😉

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  5. My experience with doctors is that they are very, very closed in their mindset. Many of them I mean (every rule of course has an exception). Try telling them they need financial planning – they say ‘we earn well’. Make a will you tell them ‘I am not going to die now’ is what they think.

    In a big hospital in Mumbai many cardiologists have died of a heart attack – and when they thought they were having ‘gas trouble’. Funnily when cardios meet they complain about clients who do not know the difference between ‘gas trouble’ and ‘cardio’ trouble.

    Will they buy the book (they need it, I assure you) and whether they will read it and implement it is a good question to ask.

    I am sure some pharma company may want to buy a few copies…

  6. Dear Subra,
    Thank you very much for publishing your blog. I have recently started reading your blog and find it very interesting.

    I am looking forward to read each of your article. I have also ordered Retire Rich from FlipKart.

    I am looking forward for your Prescription for doctor as well.

    I have couple of doctors in my family with zero sense for finance or retirement. I really need some guidebook for them to get started atleast for their kids. Your book would really bridge the gap/need.



  7. i want to buy the book for my husband who is a surgeon. where can i buy it? its not available on flipkart.com
    please help.

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