No, I am not saying this as a joke. Just imagine doing anything in this country is tough. Those of you who were around may remember Vasanth Sathe being criticised by the Left (the Left and Mamta have opposed everything including NPS) for suggesting we should have colour tv. The media also joined in (as usual) doing interviews asking “Do we need food, and water of color TV?”…but color tv came. Asiad games brought color TV.

I hope CWG (Commonwealth itself should be banned) in India is a good opportunity to update Delhi infrastructure. The new airport looks great (no I do not say buy GMR!!). Look at Mr. Kalmadi – if he pulls of CWG it would be great. On Friday he was on TV – and he did not look defeated. Hats off. A lesser man would have just resigned. Imagine the pressure on him Not that he is honest (frankly no clue on his integrity) but the body language, the confidence,…not too many people could have survived such an onslaught – from within by jokers like MS Iyer and outsiders like Left…

Not to say…anything about the costs of the machines, soap dispensers…all that sounds like a cruel joke, just the man’s ability to withstand all this. Come on National TV (on Times Now who did the expose) and to answer calmly.

I have gone through (representing a client as a CA)…and I know how nerve racking it can be – raid, enquiry, questioning,…man it takes some strength to do it. That is all.

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  1. That Arnab on Times Now is such a pain in the ***. He is too irritating, doesnt listen to what replies people are giving, and thinks he is the smartest!

  2. I really wonder if colour TV has helped us in anyway other than tricking us to buy silly products with colourful ads. 🙂

  3. but why couldnt we have picked some other city and developed the entire region ..just like korea..busan/seoul….butb then the various lobbies mafia in delhi!!!

  4. you sound very pro-kalmadi (possibly pro-congress cum pro-neo secular politics) but in reality anyone who has any sense can see that positive body language and stupid evasive humor is all that Mr Kalmadi and his Minister Gill have to offer. If he didn’t have anything to hide, he would have come out long ago and said “I step down because I find it unacceptable that my name be dragged through filth like this and I demand that the government immediately set up probe(s) to ascertain whether I am in any way guilty and if I am found to be guilty I am prepared to bear any consequences that the nation sees fit”

    But no he had to hide then wave forged docs (yes only a line added for point provers) , cite false reasons for having no written contracts with this AM films firm and do all things else and hope along with his government that this to shall pass.

    And that cockiness and evasiveness you point to are obviously aimed at your types who don’t want to see their guilt and just want to continue to suffer this type of corruption in anything and everything in the name of secular and/or caste politics

  5. No I am not a Congress / Kalmadi supporter. However we should now be bothered as India – and it is India which is trying to create a good name of holding the games. Should we remind ourselves that we were once a part of ‘Commonwealth’ …or should Kalmadi be kicked out? I have no answer. However if we decide to host, we should do it well. After we are done and dusted, we can chase these idiots who dominate sports bodies for 3-4 decades…that is all. However it takes tremendous mental strength to do any activity in India with so much of opposition. I cannot. that is all.

  6. You say it takes tremendous mental strength to do any activity in India which is true and it deserves applause if it is of the right kind but the argument that you should get full marks for trying even if you fk it up as horrendously as all who are responsible for CWG games have doesn’t sound right to me. You have to be ready to take flak when wrong and if you have generated wealth by illicit means in the process of being wrong you have to be ready for jail. Somewhere there needs to be an example. If this had happened just 63 times in the 63 years of our freedom this CWG scam would not have happened and our roads, bridges etc would have been a lot better.

    Also with this whole argument that the games are now a matter of national pride and we need to focus on hosting the games well for now and deal with Mr. Kalmadi later, we forget that no Mr. Kalmadi is indispensable. From what I know, he doesn’t have any special hard to find administrative/technical/athletic abilities and there are serious allegations on Mr. Kalmadi and all of his tribe. The right time to start the process of getting rid of them (if not instantly) is now and not after the games. At least that is what I think should happen.

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