Not very long ago..perhaps about 7-8 years ago we used to watch who was the second biggest player in the mutual fund industry (sorry my memory with nos. is not so good so it could be 9-10 years ago also).

It was a given that UTI would be the number 1 player. For a long time Icici Prudential (then called Prudential Icici!) used to be the no. 2. Then things started changing- Hdfc then Reliance all came up quickly and the ranking system changed. Look at the ranking now – the gap is HUGE. The no. 1 Reliance mutual fund is at 102,179 and the no. 2 is a real distant Rs. 84, 628. Then there is Icici – again a distant 3rd at Rs. 68,743. The gap between the 5th and 6th is YAWNING. Birla (61,561) is far, far ahead of Templeton at 38,513 – this is stunning or I am making some stupid error in a hurry.

However after the men (Birla), even among the boys there is not much competition – Kotak, LIC, DSP,…are all quite close to each other but not so close as to catch each other easily.

There should be more lists – one a Wholesale debt list, one a equity list, – then perhaps there could be more meaningful to compare.

Meanwhile Sucheta Dalal continues to ask ‘Why is the Indian investor population on the decline?’ – a good question.

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