Meter Jam in Mumbai is actually a concept. If you are the consumer, you need to assert your rights. I sincerely hope that all consumers in all aspects come under such a ‘Meter Jam’. For example one senior journalist was trying to open a brokerage account (without opening a demat account and a bank account – which he already had). He just could not.

Even if you tell your broker “I only need to trade nifty options” he will INSIST that you open a savings account, a demat account nd a brokerage account.

Speaking about number portability another friend in the telecom equipment industry was telling me “It is like the bank. If you are with H bank, you think I bank or K bank, or Y bank is better…however other bank people think the same”. At the bottom of it all, frankly I am SCARED to change bankers. At least here with my existing bank, I have found out the SCREAMING hierarchy – screaming at what level gets things done. In the worst case scenario go to the CEO.

We need a meter Jam in brokerage, mutual funds, PMS, life insurance…the list is endless. Initiative anybody?

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  1. Completely agreed. Here in Bangalore, I saw huge line of autos at my nearest auto stand yesterday, where usually I see only few autos in daily routines. I read statements about union leaders in newspapers that they are aware about meter jam and initiating some training for autowallah. Don’t know what they will do, but surely meter jam made some noise, I hope it reached also to right ears.

    why to ask anybody to take initiative? start it with you na, make a dedicate page describing what to do for common people..and people will start supporting/adding themselves with you 🙂 you are our shahansha..and “shahanshah jaha khade ho jate hain, line wahi se suru ho jati hai”.. 🙂


  2. There are some things which only regulator can manage to do. For example, slashing ULIP commission.
    If in any market, one end is lobby and another end is retail customer; retail customer stands to lose. Such market need a regulator.
    I strongly think, meter jam is not a permanent solution. At least 20 % of people taking auto every day has to switch to other means permanently. That is the solution.

  3. the problem is not the auto is the unionization and license permit raj of autos -who also benefit from externalizing the costs of their pollution.i meter jam daily -by walking to work.

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