The US gives us a feeling of being rich. It reminds me of what Sharad Pawar once said about the Congress (he had just quit Congress about a month ago). S P said “Congress is like the Indian zamindar (landlord)…the zamin(land) is gone, but the zamindari (landlord like behavior) is still there”.

Exactly the same thing is happening to the rich and prosperous nations. They think the rest of the world owes them a living! Amusing. The average Greek citizen is wondering what all the fuss is about his country being bankrupt. He has a swimming pool in his house…and he goes for a swim. So what if he has not paid the swimming pool tax.

Similarly the average American is wondering ‘Why should my job be taken to India, after all I am being paid ONLY US $ 10 an hour’. It is not about you dude, it is about people in the rest of the world willing to work at $ 10 a day. And deliver similar results’.

I remember one prominent industrialist from the south saying the taxi fares and the hotel charges in Europe are so high that they DARE not allow migrants – the patels and the Asian  taxi drivers will KILL the whole business.

But did you know that the great USA is bankrupt…well it is not me, it is Bloomberg saying that:

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  1. dear subra,
    u have made blog writing so easy, just browse through few articles, read it, add your own comments, add your own mirch masala and give the link… the blog dish is ready….never thought it could be so easy…LOL

  2. Subra your tolerance level is quite high – you allow a couple of guys to write whatever they like. Most times their comments are stupid. Do you not have an assisstant who can check these idiotic messages and just delete them?

  3. Ashok
    people who reads the blog falls in two categories- first “who criticise” and second “who appreciates”.
    criticism is of two types “honest criticism and dishonest criticism”.
    people who honestly criticise are not as dangerous as people who always appreciates.
    There is also a third category of people, in India we call it “chamchagiri”
    I strongly do not believe in “chamchagiri”
    Whether my criticism would help subra or not i have no idea, but i am sure ashok’s comment would not help subra in any manner.
    I am happy that i have never used unsocial word’s which u have used.
    “Anyhow god bless everyone to be go(o)d”

  4. Asoke,

    No editing, means no editing. Only once did a delete a 4 letter word 🙂 perhaps from a person for whom that was part of his lingo. I did not want people going away from here seeing the bad language. Other than that.. frankly no editing. People have a choice of what to read – let them choose to read some comments. Let me add you are not the only person who has asked this question 🙂

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