Since people visiting this website / blog do not get any benefit, I have decided to run an astrology column from today:

Here is something about you:

You are a hardworking person. Reasonably good looking you go out of your way to help your friends who get into trouble. Your job is interesting most of the times but if you get Rs. 10 crores, the first thing you will tell your boss is ‘I quit’.

You are a faithful husband, but you do wander in your dreams. …

Sure you are smart enough to guess that I am just about to write to you about ’roundabout writing which means nothing’. Does this happen in the financial world? yes of course:

a. This is a good fund and you should stay invested inspite of the recent poor performance.

b.Its recent performance is poor so you should put it on a watch, but you need not do anything about it.

c. Yes its recent performance has not been too great, but you should stick on to that fund.

d. This scheme is part of a good fund house there is a great chance that they will come back from the recent poor performance. HOLD.

e. Good track record, good fund managers, just a couple of calls going wrong recntly, do not panic. HOLD

Did you notice that I was speaking about the same scheme…poor performance, but it was from a fund house that advertises on my I need to talk in such a way that there is no feeling that I did you in?

Sprite piyo…baaki sab bakwas !! 🙂

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  1. Hi Subra

    It’s a great one. Majority of investors feel we have a hindsight or insider information on the status of the markets going forward. And they refuse to believe that we can’t predict the markets. Nobody can! If we say so in so many words then they feel we are worthless practitioners of financial planning.

  2. he he .. interesting post Subra. I know few of my friends who can’t start the day without looking into astrology column first. Same is here with financial predictions. These are just various diplomatic statements for same thing, someone rightly said..”In archaeology you uncover the unknown. In diplomacy you cover the known.”

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