Are you creating wealth?

If you wondered what is the connection between the article and the way this article starts, do not be surprised.

I always thought that the finance professionals were the smartest in the world. They go out there and create complicated products – and then charge a nice fee for telling you “it is complicated, pay me a fee I will explain it to you”.

Till I saw this article and book on Food Rules. The medical industry is worse. Much worse. They have created an amazing range of junk food – with lousy chemicals. They throw long shelf life, tasty, use attractive colors, and make us buy ‘food’. Our advisers include doctors (this generation of doctors are the latch-key kids brought up on Maggie, Kellogg, Pasta, – the think that is food!), diet books, media accounts of the latest findings in nutrition science — to tell us how to eat.Of course they themselves do not know what is food.

And despite the “wealth” of available information (actually it is data diarrhea), our food choices seem to be taking more and more of us to the so-called Western diseases: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

So it is an unholy mix of the ‘food industry’ and the ‘doctor and pharmaceutical industry’ – which perhaps causes more damage to the ‘less-informed’ people. Also parents who cannot pressure from friends and kids – why do we not eat out as often as others, McDonalds food is so tasty, should we not keep bottles of Pepsi at home, my friends get packets of chips for lunch / break time eating to school….

I have just read the book review of Michael Pollan writes in his latest book, Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual.

Hopefully I will read the full book and write a book review. Any reader (preferably a doc)’s review will get TOP PRIORITY  – hey doctors want to do it?

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  1. Dear subra
    u r right, but while i am reading this blog i can see “fat absorb” advertisement on the page…why only to blame and bash doctors and pharma….why dont u include blog writers to the list…..khud ke ghar jab shishe ke ho, toh dusro peh pathar nahi phekte mere bhai…
    Disclosure:Neither i am a doctor nor any way related to pharma.

  2. advertisement ,by its nature,has to be shrill. it is an evolutionary mechanism. only the fittest(emotionally stable ones) can survive the barrage of modern marketing messages -be it finance,food or fashion

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