Did you know that Mumbai has as many cycles as it has cars? But of course they do not have the lung power or the media power to be heard. They are invisible – doodh wala, paper wala, grocery store boys, …etc. They somehow have to accept that the motorist is in a hurry – to go God knows where.

Cyclists get battered – our roads in Mumbai are not cyclists or pedestrian friendly at all. Motorists asking for bigger roads is so funny – it is like asking the government for a wardrobe because you have too many clothes to store. However they get away with cutting trees, honking, banging into pavements, driving over people sleeping on the road…by the way have you heard of a drunk cyclists killing people on the road? I have not.

so read on…this is about Bengaluru…but as applicable to Mumbai …or any other city. Let me also tell you that my sensitivity increased after i started riding a cycle.

I ride on the palm beach road in Navi Mumbai – a friend asked me – ‘so your EYES  know all the bumps and pot holes on the road?’ – I said ‘well my eyes may not, butt……” L O L


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