Are things falling in place?

Mr. Sharukh Khan wants to bid for KKR. So he goes to Mr. Rajiv Shukla of BCCI and IPL fame and Rajiv helps him. Of course for a small fee of Rs. 10 crores. The Rs. 10 crores has to be spread over a few issues says Mr. Khan.

Agrees Mr. Shukla

Then Mr. Khan travels to US of A. As the customs guy is taking a coffee break, there is a 10 minute delay.

So Mr. Khan calls up Mr. Shukla and he calls the PM and Ms. Sonia Gandhi. He also calls Ms. Sheila Dixit….all the biggies issue statements. Then the press takes over – after all if Karan Johar, Rajiv Shukla, and Mr. Khan are involved you cannot ignore the story can you?

Wov…then all this is blogged. Then ‘Muslims’ especially Khans all over the world blog about it, then there are sms, then there are comments….

and am I cribbing. Heavens no. I also get to do a story about Sharukh Khan, what more can I want. I am happy I do not watch TV. Feel sorry for my wife – she believes all that she sees on TV – news and GEC channels. LOL.

Best channels to watch are still Discovery, Animal Kingdom and Cartoon Network. All other channels are fixed 🙂

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  1. – Creating controversies and coming and being in limelight all the time is now part and parcel of show biz. And everyone is win-win here Celebrity, Media, Ad houses, Corporates .. all get something out of this noise – except the foolish “crowd” ie the general people. (well.. they get a small “kick” kind of pleasure out of all this)
    – Strange thing is just like financial market it is the retail investor ie the “general crowd” who always loses (ie taken for a ride), *everytime* predictably repeating.
    – Remember all the “controversies” over movie, “3 Idiots”. Everyone behind the “controversy” won in some way. And any guess who became the “4th Idiot” ? 🙂

  2. Nice post…

    I agree with you, and my list of the best channels to see are Cartoon Network, Pogo, Disney, Nickelodeon…..etc.

    I don’t see any TV only read books… but the drawback is that when people aeverywhere are talking about these issues you feel a bit lost but i am happy at least my hard disk is not flooded with Junk

  3. Subra, if you watch Tamil channels, Makkal TV, owned the redoutable (!) Dr.Ramadoss is a touch different from other obviously avoidable channels. In Zee Tamil, some programmes are okay – like interview by Suthangan etc. But, at Navi Mumbai, I dont know whether you receive these channels.

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