OK Thailand is not in the same category as Greece and Portugal..but if the Red Shirts continue…then the recovery of Thailand will take a beating…

Feels good to say …’I said it here first’….as channels would have said..see my posting of 22nd April. The White Man had NOT PRICED in the default or even the downgrades of Greece and Portugal. Now the gap between the German Bonds and the Greece and Portugal will increase. This will put an increasing pressure on the borrowing OF ALL COUNTRIES. Yes in the short run the US $ will gain, gold will gain,…but the pulling of money from various markets will affect commodity prices, as well as emerging market debt.

Was this the trigger for the markets to be pulled down? Some shares in my portfolio like Themis Medicare, Cholamandalam…are still resilient…surprised, but it is a pleasant surprise, so not complaining 🙂

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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    “”Modern” economists have the curious notion that the economics of a great nation is somehow different from the economic affairs of a household.. We understand that if a householer takes on too much debt and overspends on non productive things like cars and costly furniture, its a matter of time before he becomes bankrupt.. Why is it different from a nation?..

    When we warn the long term consequenses of such overspending, they respond with pithy comments like ” IN THE LONG TERM, WE ARE ALL DEAD ” and this is seen as great wisdom by some.. But what they don’t understand is that we are ALREADY suffering the long term consequenses of bad decisions of our earlier generations..”


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