If there is one China lover, it is Marc Faber. Yes Marc Faber the author of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report says China is overdoing it. “it does not make sense for China to build more empty buildings and add to capacities in industries where you already have overcapacity. I think the Chinese economy will decelerate very substantially in 2010 and could even crash.”

This is what Marc said to Bloomberg TV.

Most of the investors I meet are now convinced that 2008 was an aberration. So come 2010, and 21000 will be back – well that is what most of them think.

Will it happen? The answer is maybe. Maybe not. Be carefull

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  1. Nobody can time the markets…
    Maybe a crash is coming..
    But can anyone say when?
    So, I think that for retail investors like me SIP is the best way to go…

  2. Hey if a China freak like Marc Faber with his extensive travels and knowledge about the dragon country is so – and he has stuck his neck out on TV, something is surely brewing up there.

    Should something like that go bust, collateral damage would be more than what the world economy has ever witnessed.

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