2 new teams have been inducted into the IPL. This means suddenly all the other owners know the ‘valuation’ of their franchisees. Now at a valuation in excess of Rs. 1000 crores for each one of them, they surely will be excited.

Now the role of IPL in the equity markets is already felt – India Cements which is the owner of Chennai Super kings has suddenly spurted up to a price of Rs. 134! Now the India Cements management can either seek to list CSK as a separate entity or keep the cash flows in the parent company. Both ways the share holder of India cement will benefit.

Another beneficiary is the BCCI. One important job for BCCI was to unearth talent in the country. Now B CCI is getting paid to do that! All the franchisees will desperately look for talent all over the world – but more strongly inside India. The very talented but ignored by selectors (which means you are not related to the powers in Mumbai and Delhi) will get recognised and PAID by the franchisees.

If ‘Where is Osama’ can be made into a derivative product and listed on the best stock exchanges in the world, suddenly Obama will get PERFECT INFORMATION about the whereabouts of Osama.

also see http://iprformanagers.blogspot.com/

this is a simple post on how much money BCCI is making (made) ’cause of IPL. Rajesh Haldipur has done this post.

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  1. The last sentence was too good. Osama & Obama.

    Well, goes to show, capitalist market does work. Money is et al and everything. Democratising money through a capital market is the best way to spread wealth? and use it to get a few (good) things done.

  2. Its really silly of the Americans to have put out a prize on Osama, they should indeed have passed on ‘Catch him if you can’ contest onto the derivative market – it would have fetched handsome returns in all ways.

  3. Silly Americans? I agree but what about us? Why do we want Headley? We still have not finished off Abu Salem (1993 wanted??), i forget the name but the guy wanted in the parliment attack, then Kasab – either we are keepin them alive to ‘show’ to the world, or we are plain inefficient, lethargic nd stupid.

    Abu Salem …and the ilk will die of boredom I guess!!

  4. We have a flourishing “Supari’ market but while Kasab graph is still peaking, it may be diminishing returns in Abu Salem’s case.

    Unfortunately Headley is not in our prisions – so not trade able.

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