Many of us cannot resist that extra sweet…or that fried stuff. Well 30 seconds of pleasure on the tongue…then 30 years on the waist! How come we seek such short term pleasure in whatever we do?

Why does short term trading seem more attractive vs. the long term investing, dividend yield, value investing…well I have no clue!

When you think of a gym, a personal trainer, petrol for the drive to the gym, …well it all adds up to Rs. 100,000. Not exactly small change even if you are in the financial services business. So here is a list:

1. Use public transport: Walking to the station, bus stop…getting into a vehicle all of that consume more energy. This will ensure you burn more calories.

2. Drink water – hot, cold does not matter. It is better than Tea, Coffee, Pepsi, Coke, Thums Up, Maaza, etc. Forget the Nescafe and Tata Tea…!

3. Play with children – they need an older person who can fund bats, balls, shuttles, …so if they take you, join them. Some energy will rub off on you for sure!

4. Walk the Mall: If you live in say Vashi, Navi Mumbai – there are 3-4 malls near each other. Go to every shop once  a week in ALL the malls, but leave your wallet / credit cards at home.

5. If you MUST go by car, park farthest away – this will force you to walk more.

6. Eat Less. Do I need to add any thing to this? Simple reduction of fried foods, sugar, milk, maida, polished white rice, salt, – are all helpful in the weight reduction process.

7. Go online – cheaper and perhaps about 50% as effective as having a trainer – but FREE!

8. Go to the tube – Go searching online for a  TV program or You Tube – there is a ton of good free program availability for you to use.

9. Walk, walk and walk – wherever you need to go use your legs, use a cycle (it pays for itself in 3 months) … helps

10. Eat at home instead of eating out – there is a big difference…in terms of calories.

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  1. cool. thanks for sharing these thoughts. everyone knows this but can’t bear slight pain to their body to avoid a painful life.

    In my office, our company provides free aerobics sessions with excellent trainer to all of employees but no one have time to join it, though they can spent ‘hours’ in discussions about latest flick in cafeteria drinking pepsi, eating samosa.

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