Yesterday (24 Feb 2010) belonged to the world’s most worshipped cricket player ever to have walked the earth. Welcome to the world of Sachin Tendulkar. He displayed a Master class in cricket – and a CD of his best innings with a voice over from Ian Chappell, Viv Richards, Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and Rahul Dravid should be made compulsory for all young students of the game.

To me what is intriguing in this fantastic innings was How does the man find motivation to excel for such a long period of time. Recently he scored 175 against the No. 1 One day team in the world and now 200 against the best attack in the world. A clinical display of sweet destruction and amazing ruthlessness – pulling, cutting, driving, jabbing, and a 137 ball 200 should be the best strike rate in the top 10 ODI scores, (I have not checked just from memory).

To think the Mumbai crowd booed him not long ago for slow scoring, or that he has not had much impact on IPL is sad. However given the law of averages he will catch up. He has a century in the last 4 test matches he has played and this South African team has allowed him 2 test 100s and now a ODI double hundred. How does a man with a net worth exceeding Rs. 1000 crores, heading for the Bharat Ratna (Breaking news: remember you saw it here, exclusively and first), extremely well behaved God of Indian cricket find motivation to excel day in and day out for the past 20 years.

Is it sheer luck to have been witness to the career of one of the very best – best cricketer and better human being? Thanks, Almighty.

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  1. funnily when God was on 129 I felt he will score 200 (no clue why this is luck not skill) so told my colleague, ‘goin home must watch history’ and watched him score 200, then switched off Tv. Luck? of course..

  2. I am a big fan of Sachin Tendulker (we are sharing same name, so i feel myself more lucky). And also feel on the top of world to watch him from 1st run he scored to the 200th run. Simply Amazing.
    Just want to correct one thing that he faced 147 balls to score 200 and not 137. Pls correct.
    200 runs – 25 Fours, 3 Sixes, 147 balls , strike rate 136.05

  3. I am software engg. Why ???
    OK my friend sent me a mail after sachin scored 200 runs as he know that how I admire him. Funny Joke but fits 100% to IT Manager

    200 Runs/ 147Balls/ 25X4 / 3X6

    Agree you have done GREAT…………..

    25 x 4s = 100
    3 x 6s = 18

    IT implies that you have done 118 Runs in 28 Balls.

    12 x 2s = 24
    58 x 1s = 58
    IT means you have done all 200 Runs in only 98 balls

    So you have wasted 147-98 = 49 balls

    Considering only 1 run scored on each of these balls you could have earned 49 valuable RUNS FOR OUR TEAM

    MANAGER’S COMMENT : So you only met the expectations and NOT EXCEEDING (though anyone of our team could not do it) and your rating is 3 (AVERAGE).

    All MANAGERS think alike !!!

  4. Also, just come to think of it – Do you know of any other 1st generation entrepreneur, who is not an organisation – thats what I choose to call sports professionals – who, has shown such a fantastic commitment to the purity of his ‘craft’ over such a monumentally successful and eternally long journey? Maybe Mr. Bachchan or the Indian Nightingale can be thought of in the same light.

  5. if you dig a little you will see dirty tricks dept of Mr. B and the nightingale. Sachin has stayed pure in deeds and spirit. No controversy. Just none. Keeps his family in the private domain and excels in his game. Look at how much preparation goes into being ready for the opposition….he is a Bharat Ratna.

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