Billionaire: Cannot afford treatment

It is perhaps the worst nightmare for a living man. Mr. Ghanshyam Rangnekar a billionaire (he was living in a house, he owns another big flat and the sales proceeds of a 3rd flat is lying in his account) is in a coma with nobody to look after him. He is in coma, has nobody from his family (he is a bachelor whose siblings have died). He lies unconscious in Rajawadi hospital.

Nobody can access his bank account – you need a bank account number for that apart from his signature. He of course cannot sign.

I am writing this post to bring to people’s attention the problems of old age and loneliness. I have no clue how to solve this problem – I will be asking a good lawyer about this – but help from anybody is welcome.

Some simple things all of us can do – make sure all our accounts are held in “Anyone or survivor” mode. Make sure that the nominations are in place. Even if your accounts are in A or S mode, put the nomination. Typically if a husband and wife travel together, go for most events together, there is a chance of their dying together. Sorry if it sounds morbid, it is true is it not? Go to this story on mid-day and give me your comments…

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3 Responses to “Billionaire: Cannot afford treatment”

  1. I am feeling sad for that man.
    But it’s an eye opener post. I am definitely going to cross-check all my nominations.

  2. Man that is scary! All my holdings are either or survivor – and never considered a nomination, now I am revising all of them – and nominating my children with my brother as a guardian. You scared me into doing it asap. The way couples travel (me and my wife make a lot of air trips together too without the kids…) – it is scary. At least within the city we travel in a driver driven car…with both of us in the back seat thus reducing the chances of …! Even when I drive I ensure that my wife sits in the back seat – with one kid in the front seat (he is 14 – so he is allowed in the front) hoping that one parent is in the safer seat! Hope it helps. Difficult to know from where risk can come – Black Swan!

  3. Seriously sir, A man keeps collecting money all his, doesn’t care for anybody with the flare to earn all the time, does not value relations and then you see the irony of the situation, that money is of no good to him today.. I really feel sad for him and when I read something like this, I feel that it is better to be middle classed… if this is what you get in the end.. 🙁

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