I was quite amused that a rabid communal (but an honest and capable administrator – please realise there is no contradiction here) Mr. Modi has banned Jaswant Singh’s book. Mr. Modi I am in possession of a book which has said

” What attracted me to Jinnah …was the force of his personality …AND MORE THAN THAT, his sterling nationalism and patriotism. If at that time anyone had told me Jinnah would one day be responsible for the partition…I would have thought him mad”.

“he was straight and forthright..a great advocate, but a poor lawyer”…

“Jinnah..had no truck with the fanatical Muslims of the Khilafat Movement…(ha ha ha Gandhiji supported them)

“The Muslim League…was entirely secular but for the name…” “Jinnah was the uncrowned king of Bombay in 1919. He was the idol of the youth…he was the President of the Home Rule League….”

Jinnah’s nationalism was so genuine, so instinctive, ….his swinging to communalism came as a shock and disbelief”

Ha ha …all this is written in a book written in 1973 by a great Indian lawyer – who became the Chief Justice. The name of the book: “Roses in December” by Mr. M C Chagla. I only hope Mr. Iqbal Chagla does not read this post! He would feel sad that his father is being pulled into a Hindu-Muslim controversy. How tragic. Jinnah never gave up his well tailored suits for Gandhi’s Khadi. Nor did he see eye to eye with Nehru. In fact he was far more succesful as a lawyer – and could identify with Motilal Nehru (another sucessuful lawyer). Nehru thought Jinnah was not very well read – and Jinnah thought Nehru was an ‘idealistic’ politician. However they all tolerated each other. By leaving Jinnah out of the 3rd Round table conference, Gandhi created a rebellious Jinnah who wanted his place under the sun without being subservient to Gandhi. So …in fine it was ego which created Pakistan. Jinnah could not identify with ANYBODY in the Muslim League – forget a rich, bridge playing, smoking, drinking man identifying with the Muslim from the slums of UP and Bihar! He did not care, so he split what was convenient and got his place under the sun, that is all!!

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