Very rarely have i done a non finance posting. However there were 2 events which were stunning, so I thought it might interest some of you. It is about fiction being followed by truth.

Sony TV carries a program called “Comedy Circus” and I think it is a great program on creativity. They carried one program where one of the couples (enacting the role of cricketers from Pakistan) said that the cheer leaders took their attention away – after all they cannot see women in Pakistan. This was supposed to be a joke till last month.

Pakistan lost to a lowly Australian team – and the coach blamed the film stars from Pakistan who helped the cricketers party till late night…and the match was lost. This actual loss happened after 6 months (or more) of the Comedy Circus program!

The second event is even more bizarre. One girl I know changed her location of staying because in the metro that she was staying she had to stay with her inlaws. So husband in tow (they had a love marriage) she went off to a small city. In the new city (her home town) her husband started having an affair with another married woman. So this girl in true filmi style started having an affair with that married woman’s husband. Now the marriage has ended in a divorce…I hope it has KANK kind of ending! Another case of truth following fiction….

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