Obama has made a passionate speech – while talking of reviving the economy. He has said his main focus will be on:

education     health   transportation     alternate energy   defense    —— and there are websites dedicated to see how this is going to generate (or lose) jobs, etc.

What looks like a nice ‘want to do’ may not translate into action. The US financial services industry has got fantastic protection – even a bankruptcy may not save you from a student loan!

Similarly will the health care industry really accept that they have been taking the patients for a ride for such a long time..I have my doubts

Will the fuel companies (who believe that US owes its living to them) easily allow Obama to spend money liberally on solar and wind energy? In a country like India the oil sector is in the public sector and STILL we do not have any meaningful push towards solar or wind!

Infrastructure spending – roads, bridges, schools, – will the best steel in the world be used or will it be American steel :)? Will the contracts go to the best in the world or only to American companies who will then outsource it to some Asian company after collecting the contract? Well well…

Defence spending is an euphemism for spending money on arms – using American $ to buy oil from Saudi Arabia – which funds terror – both sides buy arms fom the same great u USA! This may not create American jobs but will surely kill Pakistanis and Afghanis!

Best of luck Mr. Obama…hopefully you will stimulate some infrastructure building in Afghanistan and Iraq too! There are children there who need good education, health care, infrastructure….there too!

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