4 kids from a business school and wanted a summer placement. Of course at summers pricing is not much of a question. I just asked those students “What salary do you think you guys (and gals) will start at?” They were quite unanimous – they all said Rs. 1 million. As I have been with students for a long time in my life, I was not shocked. Nor am I here to pass a value judgement. At a given price, I can only decide whether to be a buyer or a seller – the trader in me takes over. I know a few people in the financial services industry. I decided to do a small, unscientific poll.

So I named the institution (based in Mumbai, well recognised, well branded) and said “they expect a starting salary of a million”. Comment. This is what I got:

CEO, HR Consultancy:   Wait for a while, they will join @ 10k a month!

Director insurance company : Tell me who is paying, will send my sales head there to sell life insurance!

Sr. VP Technology Co. : Great optimism and ???

V P Life insur Co. : I swear….

Head Wealth Business: “Are they getting it? And for whose benefit?”

Head Wealth Business: Wait for 2 months and get back to me, with actual figures, not projections!

Editor, Financial Website: Ha ha ha Mind over matter

Head, Planning, Life insur co.: In the mind, sir!

Journalist: Slowdown only in the real economy, not in the unproductive sector!!

AVP, Consulting Company: We are getting a lil greedy, are we not ?

CEO, Market research company: 🙂 Get them to get real!

Head, PMS: ha ha ha….can cut prices!

CEO, Financial Planning company: Can I go back to campus and get re-recruited?

Retd. Consultant (age 60 years, IIM, ’60s): Our batch got that totally, perhaps!!

I thought it was interesting reading…so i put it here…

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