Yesterday, I did an unscientific, one question poll with a bunch of people I know. My question to them was “In capital market training (debt, equity, etc.) largely a trainer led training, what is the ideal class size – for it to be effective. The average no. that i have got is about 24. Here is the detailed break up. Funnily the guys who pay for the training have suggested a much, much smaller number (as low as 10) whereas the trainers have suggested higher figures! However, when sales guys (with modest budgets) try to talk to trainers, the questions can be “why cannot 100 people attend?”…or something as stupid as that. So here it is for you to read:

30 Sr. VP Insur Co.
25 VP Mnc Bank
15 AVP insur co.
25 Exec Dir MF
22 Sr. VP Mnc bank
30 CEO training co.
13 Sr. VP Pvt Bank
30 AVP insur co.
27 Freelance trainer
23 AVP insur co.
30 Head Training MF
35 Freelance trainer
13 Head Training MF
15 Ex. VP Insur co.
40 Freelance trainer
24 Head Training MF

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