Again for a Saturday……to quote Busybee…here is a nice story…

The biggest problem for people with small amounts of capital is that they may not be liquid long enough to hold on to their conviction. If for example you feel the salaries of the unorganised sector, the organised sector and the financial services sector should at some time converge, you may not be able to monetize the same. Similarly there are businesses like retail which do not seem to be making any money….but you cannot really short a retailer for 4-5 years, can you? Such is the dilemma for a trader. What can he do?

Ask Michael Lewis – the author of Liars’ Poker…here is his article

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  1. agreed..

    as Keynes says .. The Market Can Remain Irrational Longer Than You Can Remain Solvent… it is far difficult to short a stock on such assumptions..

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