Once upon a time a King was walking through his kingdom and he found a farmer. He asked the farmer what he does for a living. The farmer told him about his crops. Then the King asked him about his earning and saving habits.

The farmer said out of a rupee I earn I consume a quarter, repay a loan with a quarter, invest for my old age with a quarter and give away a quarter. The King did not understand so asked for some more explanation. The farmer said – one quarter is for my consumption, with one quarter I look after my parents – that is a repayment of a loan, with one quarter I feed my children – which is an investment for my future. One quarter is given to charity – so I give it away.

The king was amazed by the explanation by the farmer.

I am convinced this is what we do with our money – see how YOU are using your money. It helps to go to a website called www.myirisplus.com – first learn how much money you are earning, how much you are spending, how much you are investing for YOUR future, how much are you spending on your PARENTS, how much you are investing for YOUR CHILDREN. Learning about all this is not just necessary but absolutely essential for survival. That is the challenge.

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