To do charity you need to have a heart. Once you realize that you have a heart, you can give. I have always felt that it is easy to give what you have (goods) rather than the money that you have!

That is why it was easy for EID Parry to give a temple all the sanitary fittings. Now akshayapatra (see is planning to enter Maharashtra. Thanks to the link to this site many of my readers have visited the site and made a donation. Of course I do not have a counter to know how much is the amount – but frankly it does not matter to me. I am just trying to spread the word (see giving what i have, not the money!). However some of the people who have donated some money have told me that they have done so. Like a friend who donated 12k. Obviously he was in a mood to give – I should thank him for directing it to akshayapatra. I do not think I can make a person donate – but hopefully i can give it a direction.

Akshayapatra will now need volunteers (always), some space to operate, vehicles (trucks), obviously here is an appeal to all my readers!

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