What is the return on investment in a poor feeding charity program? Can we put it in Rupees and paisa or do we look at the soft side too?

What about – a kid saying “I can feel my skin”, “I do not have to beg for food” “I now feel like studying” etc. are such statements good enough?

Governments are not known to do logical things. Even if they do it, it would be at a wrong time.

Most of the poor feeding programs are necessary because of the alcohol consumption of the father (sometimes parents), money spent on tobacco, and the related medicine expenses because of these 2 expenses! What does the government do?


  1. they subsidize TOBACCO cultivation (do not look like that, that is what they do)
  2. they encourage bidi, cigarette, raw tobacco sales
  3. they SELL liquor (Oh God, please)
  4. they set up hospitals for cancer…and other diseases
  5. they make noises about MID-DAY MEALS…..!!

However, we are here to see the ROI on charitable activities…..so let us see what is akshayapatra upto these days? Look at the feedback….

Several students have offered testimonies of the benefit they have derived from this program:

“I used to think of leaving school and may be wash vessels in someone’s house where I could also get food. I was so hungry. Now I am very happy. I can touch my skin and feel how well nourished I am.”
– Lakshmi Devi,

“I would be so hungry all day and not be interested in reading or writing. I would walk home and just go to sleep. Now I come running to the school. I am also studying well.”
– Kshama Nurinnisa,

“Along with my sister we eagerly look forward to the AP food every day. We are disappointed when festival holidays, Sundays or vacations come as we do not get Akshaya Patra food.”
– Suma, Standard

Lakshmi studying in seventh standard is one of four children another brother is studying in first standard. Her father has deserted them. She stays in her uncle’s house, who works as a barber. Their eating needs are met by his daily earnings and that too after deducting his liquor expenses. She and her brother mainly depend on the Akshaya Patra food for their survival. One of her teachers says that, “On many days this is the only meal she gets.”

Mr N.T. Ibrahimpur, Head Master says this school had a very high drop-out rate. After the Akshaya Patra programme started the strength has risen to 150 children and is steadily increasing since Sept. 2004. The students are more regular in attending school; their weight has increased. Most of the students are children of beggars.

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  1. I liked the heading of “roi on charities”. Truly all returns need not be in terms of money. When I heard that there are parents who cannot afford to buy plates FOR their own CHILDREN to eat FREE FOOD, I really felt sad. May we all loosen our purse strings!

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