I met a person over lunch on Saturday. He works miracles. He is a part of a movement called akshayapatra. They do have a website and is http://www.akshayapatra.org.

The amazing things this organisation does is actually very simple – they feed upwards of 8.5 million children EVERYDAY. Come to think of this. 8.5 million children every day, day on day.

Why do they do this?

To get them to school, so that they can get educated. And he told us that the children get plates from home for eating. HOWEVER, there are kids who cannot afford to bring plates. My mouth was salty and eyes moist, when I heard this. Even as i type this, my hands are shivering. Come to think of kids whose parents do not have money to buy plates on which their kids can eat.

In a country where i meet friends who regularly put in IPO applications for millions of dollars (with or without leverage), who regularly get million rupee bonuses i was really moved.

My request to all who are reading this message please go out there and sponsor one kid for a year. It costs 1200 – may not be a big amount for you, but it could put a kid in school, lets open our purses.

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  1. got a good offer. A friend is paying Rs. 1k for every comment on my blog starting to a charity based in mumbai. This is again an organisation that is feeding children in a school – so please keep the comments coming in thick and fast!

  2. Hi Janaki

    if you see the akshayapatra website, their vision goes beyond feeding. They are saying “no child shall be deprived of education for want of food” i.e. hunger should not stop a kid from learning.

    so it is “anna” danam and “vidya” danam – the noblest forms of danam

  3. Hi Subra

    Happy to have seen this blog after our meet last week. . . Iam sure Prabhu will also be excited to see these comments.

    As a side thought, my understanding was that kanya daanam was the noblest form of daanam, anna danam, vidya danam and dhanam danam being the other forms.

    Anna daanam is the basic danam, and if we cannot as a country ensure that all our children are fed and educated – who will govern this country and everything around us today when we are in our next 20 yrs +, imagine what we are creating !


  4. Yes Bala. We need to take responsibility to create well fed, well clothed, and well educated a population around us. John Kennedy, I think, said “poverty anywhere is a threat to poverty everywhere”. Can we not already see it ALL over the world? There are boat people trying to get into USA, there are Bangladeshis trying to get into India, there are Bihari labourers trying to find a job all over India, or trying to go abroad…the list is endless. The website of akshayapatra was humbling. Lets spread the word….it might just work! At least a friend of mine went there and made a donation….

  5. Wow !!! So good to read through in a Monday morning…!! great option to pick up such reads than a newspaper which leads to fear and aggression..!!

    Very GM..:)


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