If there were 22 business channels would you be depressed 22 times because the market fell yesterday? That is the question you have to ask yourself. The same bit of news played again and again can cause more panic for you than help you. Television ensures market volatility. A lot of buying and selling ensures brokers live a long life. Transactions are not useful at all in the process of wealth creation. Most readers would be shocked if I say that in life you need to hold less than 100 shares – which means about 2 a year from your age of 25 till your age of 75. How many of us can say we have invested in less than that magic number?

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  1. Oops! the discount is over. The Nav and market price have caught up. No longer fun to buy the msgf. The only thing you can now save is the entry load of a open ended fund. So now you might as well buy the Benchmark ETF…be it bank or the general index

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