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Mortgage Payments and Credit Ratings

If you are planning to buy a property (with a mortgage) any time soon please check your credit score. A very good strong score will ensure that you get a good rate, and a poor score will mean they will NOT consider your application. At least the top end guys will not consider you. Even […]

Why you MUST buy Real Estate…

  I am sure you rubbed your eyes when you saw this heading….that too on (the world believes that I am a RE hater, so be it). Let me tell you WHO should buy RE, how much, and with how much leverage: Assumptions: You are a 48 year old male with a CTC of […]

What a Real Estate Broker says: But what it means

Have been in the RE market for the past 5 months trying to buy a house. Obviously unsuccessfully. However in this period I have met about 5 brokers and they are all SIMILAR in what they say. Mostly they take me to a fellow broker (funny?) who represents the seller. Here are some of the […]

Real Estate a Fantastic Investment?

Is real estate a fantastic Investment? If yes, are the math tools available to prove that? If no, are the math tools available to prove that point of view? The jury is still out there to judge these questions and there are no clear answers. However I found an article in the Times of India […]

Important steps to buying a house!

So you have decided to buy a house! You have thought over it many times, you and your spouse can afford it, and now you are taking the plunge, right? Let us look at some of the steps that you MUST TAKE towards that Big decision of your life: 1. Improve your credit score: Credit […]

Have Residential Prices fallen?

This is of course a brilliant headline to catch people to come to any website, right? Well I do not have an answer to this, but hey here are the caveats as usual: I do not trust Indices in general. After all Indices present the average, and average means NOTHING if you do not know: […]

Real Estate Returns

For many people, especially, in Real estate investments, returns are always in 2 digits and this over 30 years of time. I have found it futile trying to tell them that this CANNOT BE SO. So long ago I had asked for our Calculator King a.k.a Pattabiraman to make a Real Estate Return calculator. The […]