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8 reasons NOT to buy life insurance for your kids

Q.  We are considering purchasing child life insurance (Ulip) for our little girl. We have been reading various articles in the media and are seeing a lot of different views on this. My husband told me that you do not answer specific queries, but I still took my chance. What are your views? A. No. Nein, Nyet, […]

Another Insurance Rip off…

Payal and Tarun were very happy. They had just finalized a house costing Rs. 1.4 crores where they had taken a Rs. 1 crore mortgage loan which both of them were to repay over the next 23 years. Excellent considering that they were only 23 and 29 years of age and could afford that EMI. […]

Lic policy is good!!

Let me get this clear one more time. In an ideal situation you will live in a rented house and invest all the money that you have in a great business. This business will grow, you will take it public, and, with the new found free money buy a nice house as per your liking. […]

How not to select a life insurance agent…

The key to quality insurance is in choosing a good quality Agent.  The word agent comes from the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and it is the Christian name for the guy who brings insurance / mutual fund product to your door step. Nowadays they have various names like Consultant, advisor, and the like, but I […]

Insurance companies please pay heed!

Many life insurance companies have a very big advertising budget. They also have a huge budget for spending on the social media, and I am not sure if they are happy with the results. I am convinced that they are not putting enough effort to make the necessary impact. Let me tell them what are […]

Must buy ULIPs now!!

Ok rub your eyes…again…this is what you need to say if your income comes from advertising. One respected pink paper has come up with an article saying why ULIP is the best product to buy. If you read the article you may not think too highly of the writing, but you are at a huge […]

What a life Insurance agent says and what he means!

Yesterday I did a small gig on what a Real estate agent says…and how you should interpret it…so today it is the turn of the life insurance agent. 1. Sir since you have an income, you should have a life cover:  Meaning: You have an income, I need to increase my income, so please take […]