Not all human beings want to retire early. There are many who have say Rs. 20 crores, can retire at 57, but want to work till 70. Or till they drop dead. Nothing wrong. In fact I see them looking at big projects at the age of 57 – KNOWING that they do not have a succession plan in place.

Nothing wrong. Except that if you drop dead your business partner and your life partner are going to curse you for the rest of their lives. It is plain laziness, and sheer stupidity. I met a few people who had a clear agenda about what they would like to give up when they retire:

  1. I need not say “nice to meet you” to people whom I don’t want to meet. Simple no?
  2. I will eat more home made meals rather than hotel meals due to business requirements
  3. I will give up on tobacco completely – and alcohol almost completely
  4. I will start cooking every meal bottom up. No packaged stuff for me.
  5. I will start going to the gym and pick up my badminton (some sport) which I had given up for long
  6. I will spend more time with family and friends
  7. I will take care of my health, and spend time to understand my investments
  8. I will dramatically cut down on sugar
  9. I will talk more to my parents and spend time with my children

Many people who say they want to retire early make all these solemn promises for a virtuous tomorrow. No, they are not telling me a lie. They are perhaps (unknowingly of course) telling themselves a lie. Asking a person whether he will go for a walk/run at 5.30 am will always get a “yes” at 4pm the previous day. Ask them at 5.00am…and you might get a different answer !!

what are your reasons for

a) retiring early or

b) not retiring early

Not being judgemental, just asking…

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  1. Thought provoking and good article. Won’t speak for others but I want to retire just so I get more time, for things they want to do including what some of what you mentioned. Getting up at 5 is not a problem, getting enough time for things I wanna do is the main reason.

  2. Retiring early might not be correct usage of words but to me it is doing what you like to after taking care of life goals and securing retirement corpus.

  3. Don’t ever seek promotion or accept one if it is forced unless you are in PSUs after 50 years of age. Also avoid going to Top management or Customer/Client meetings or Travel assignments. As you are experienced, am sure middle level work within your office will find it easy to do. Just chill out and watch all the funny things your mgmt do in the office. Say million times to yourself that you are working for only compensation but not position, power, responsibilities and other laurels. This detachment will give you semi and full retirement.

  4. I dont want to be tasked every day. Just hate being ordered around. Also being a conscientious person, I cannot ignore if some work has landed up in my desk. So retiring means I wont be a slave anymore.

  5. Life in corporate give little time to live a meaning full life.. I want to retire early to add more value and willingness to my time spent on whatever i do. In fact what i seek is actually not to “RETIRE” but attain Financial Freedom, so i don’t need to work for making the ends meet each month but to do things that i want to, at my chosen time and schedule.

  6. Seems many consider employment as slavery and office as jail. Looks like several of them grudgingly continuing in their jobs certainly not out of their choice but other compulsions.

  7. i was forced to retire at 46 due to job loss at middle east govt company..during oil downturn of 2016..but luckily due to high paying engineer job i managed to save 85 pxt of salary for 13 years.also did 10 year psu engineer job in India prior to gulf..hence could come back to India and retire eary..two school going kids..completed 2 years in early retirement..enjoying life..fully tension plans in place…minimalistic living..withdrawing 2 pct of portfolio..till nowdint own a car yet ..1/3 alloc to real estate equity and debt…almost…lifestyle funded by debt and rent point is save max for rainy day..practice minimal living…we might be forced in early retirement…not by choice but by force..i am a live example….god bless all…

  8. @ Sanjay. Good to hear such successful stories. Feeling contend and inner peace is not for normal folks. I know lot of them in ME who retired from good positions after 60 are continuing in much lower positions and feeling horrible every day.

  9. I think word should be “Financially Independent ” / “Early retirement from MNC’s” not “early retirement” in general. Most of them might have got vexed with corporate world and want to lead life in their own terms as early as possible ( which may be termed as early retirement), so that they worry less even if they have low paying jobs . For me retirement is sitting idle at home , if you are working for your own farm / properties / equities / any other interests you are still working technically .

  10. Article prompts me to “why am i working TODAY”. pay bills/ financial burden. I try to spend time on philanthropic work too.
    So for me it’s about when can I be “Financially Independent” AND “Early retirement from MNCs”.
    Once I am Financially Independent (of course, stick to current lifestyle), I can spend more time on passion or philanthropic work that would make me feel “happy” and satisfied compared to a MNC job.

  11. since Oct 2015 I’ve RE’d.
    travelled. volunteered. attended MAMI . written n translated. not touched corpus yet, touch wood.
    finished patience quota to attend presentations n unending meetings. Jargon overdose.

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