Not sure when is a good time to talk to you about investing. Sure you know something from all the chats we have had from time to time…but here are some generic points…

  1. In case you do CA, one great text book is all the balance sheets that you can lay hands on. By the time you do your Inter CA you will be in a position to understand a lot of the annual accounts, and it is a fantastic document to learn from.
  2. There are many investment books to read – and you know it is mentioned in my blog. You will find most of those books in the book shelf. In case you do not find it, but another copy – or get a kindle copy as you wish.
  3. I will leave you a nice portfolio, and in case you do not understand / like some of those shares, sell.
  4. Never be emotional about any asset that I leave you. Procter and Gamble does not know my love for the share.
  5. Be more interested in creating wealth than in having a great current income.
  6. All the assets that I leave you will be good enough for you to live, but not have a lavish lifestyle with a lot of travel.
  7. In all probability you will have to earn for the luxuries like a cruise or a vacation home in the West Indies.
  8. I am likely to leave you at least one home, JUST SELL IT. Makes no sense to own a house today.
  9. If you must buy a house, but at age 55 like I did.
  10. If you do not want to be in the investment side of the business, sell off all shares and shift to a MF portfolio.
  11. At age 72 (my age 72) please take charge of all my assets, even if I scream murder.
  12. At my age of 72 all my assets should be in a)index fund b)annuity and c) bank fixed deposits
  13. ….more will follow..

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  1. Great letter sir. I will use this letter when my only daughter grows. Liked the point number 8 very much 🙂

  2. Why should age be criteria to move into index funds.
    If one is well-financed then remaining assets should continue to be in growth oriented avenues like active MF so that children can bear the fruits.

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