Lalit Modi seems to be having a fantastic ability to surround himself with people who cannot understand him. He was falsely implicated in a drug case, he has had problems with almost every association. His own association threw him out, other associations do not want him…

Now he has shifted the IPL out of Bangalore to Navi Mumbai. If you cannot see the NCP hand in this, well let me tell you. Dr. D Y Patil is an old congressman but his son is a Pawar fan. So out goes B’lore and in comes Navi Mumbai.

I try to be as non political as possible, so let me stick to the IPL economics. One Ex player and his protege are very important people in Indian cricket. You cannot create a pie for Rs. 700 crores a year and not let both these guys make a decent pie. So he and his protege will want to play a more important role and make some money. Of course they control the fortunes of some current player so he will be the ‘mohra’. So the new IPL buyer, and the existing franchisees….be willing to pay more.

If the US of A had issued a warning / advisory to its citizens about Bangalore being dangerous because of the blast….the leftists, the rightists, etc.  and all the other permanent “@#$%’s in the news channel would have criticized the move. They would have asked for Dr. Singh’s resignation (what to do Shashi Tharoor has already resigned!!). Now a Central Cabinet minister shifts the IPL for political reasons…and these honorable gentlemen are quiet.

The future of IPL is now a function of :

a. will the Congress screw LM to arm twist d ncp

b. Every cricket association in the country will be held together by a Congressman, so each association will have to be paid Rs. 30-40 crores so that they support IPL

c. 2 ex-captains are not the only people who missed out. Subash Cnandra Goel (remember ICL?), Kapil Dev, Neo Sports,….and millions of others will want a pie – AND THEY KNOW HOW TO take it.

d. Match fixing wil come out of the closet soon.

e. Subroto Roy (will Dalmia join him?) will be able to pull whomever he wants from wherever …this will mean a furious bidding. So again a lot of money – especially for LM!! 🙂

Will LM stay on as IPL commissioner? Even that is doubtful. SP might support him but LM has too many detractors attacking him, that will hurt. Of L M has many firsts – he created I P L (which was copied from I C L) and the brand is a 10,000 crore phenomenon. L M also created controversies which took the toll of a Cabinet Minister. He also got the Income tax authorities to the doors of BCCI, he also helped his family members get a stake in various I P L franchisees……so will he be the first person to be sacked? Or will the sacking happen after the award ceremony? When not whether seems to be the question..

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  1. First of all .. Its only a game..
    Second…the government or its ministers have no business interfering in a private business affair…
    Our armies and police are ill equipped and poorly trained..
    We just lost some 80 CRPF personnel to Red Terror..
    Our judiciary is in a mess..
    But our government does not care about these jobs that it HAS to do..
    Rather it wants to poke its nose into sports and cinema where it has no business interfering..

  2. Our country is very beautiful! Finally, everybody will come clean with more franchises. Among the current news-makers, only Nityananada will get punishment because his money won’t be sufficient to wash away his sins in the globalization era of India.

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