Star Plus is perhaps the greatest cricket expert who has never played for India. Since they know everything about the game, they should be made the non playing captain of the team. Every ball bowled, every word spoken, every catch taken – and of course dropped, every injury is analysed threadbare.

Conclusion: Indian bowlers bowled badly from the Bangladesh score of 51/5 to 220/8. I have no clue how such an analysis is relevant – for get whether useful.(1st day 2nd Test)

Based on some hear say, some notes, some scribbling, Times Now has concluded that Sehwag group and Dhoni group are at loggerheads. That brings us to players like Yuvraj and Harbhajan Singh – both have very poor track records, at least of late. Their job is simple – keep their place in the team (Yuvraj has a batting avg. of 34 vs. 50+ for the other top batsmen). One in a while they do something, but their income (@ Rs. 50 crores) remains intact thanks to the sponsorship. Everybody is happy. God bless.

Now take this stupid media obsession to the mutual fund industry. Jokers keep saying 3 months performance is not good, one year performance is not good – all this makes for good trp but i have no clue about how it helps the retail investor. No great attempt is made to select a good scheme. Forget ‘survival bias’ I have invested only in 2 fund houses (which have survived!!) and in only 4-5 schemes over the past 10 years. No NFO, no IPO, no mid cap, small cap or …any thing dished out by the mutual fund industry. Surely for a couple of quarters (if not more) Franklin India Blue Chip, Hdfc top 200, hdfc equity, prudence, franklin Prima, hdfc capital builder, Templeton Equity IncomeĀ  fund, hdfc growth fund, templeton growth fund…- surely my dad has got decent returns – beating the index by a nice margin. However quarter on quarter i have no clue whether they were ranked no. 1 or no. 2

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  1. Subra

    You have talked about very nice topic . People generally put too much stress on short term performance which is idiotic. They chase mutual funds or stocks with X% return last year or last 3 months and understanding this our great companies advertise products showcasing the performance in short term .


  2. what is wrong with Sundaram, Reliance, Birla, …all have schemes which have done well. I do not need them in my portfolio, because I prefer simple dal chaval and not looking for too much variety that is all. My limitation if you want to call it.

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