RETIRE RICH INVEST, 9789380200071

About the Book : – To most people retirement is an age. It of course depends on your health, the company you work for etc. However in the first chapter I would like to introduce you to the concept that retirement is an amount of money! After all, if you have that magical amount why not retire early?

The second chapter takes you through the steps and importance of planning, and to the dangers of not planning.

Like any financial goal, retirement is also a goal and has to be approached in a financial planning mode. So Retirement Goal Setting becomes a very important and is perhaps the first step in Retirement planning.

How much money is adequate for a person to retire? Here is a generic answer telling you what are the factors to consider while trying to answer this question. This chapter has many pointers and a calculator which leads you towards the answer. Remember this is dynamic.

Can you really retire by investing an amount as little as Rs. 40 a day? The answer is yes it is the power of compounding. If you do have or time on your side, it is possible to create a retirement corpus on an amount as small as Rs. 40 a day. And the fantastic thing is that this small amount can be got by making very simple changes in your life style.

If you have accumulated money for your retirement, you should also know how to withdraw. Here we deal with what is annuity, what are the methods of creating annuities, what options are available, and the works about annuity.

Retirement savings and investments are invested in various instruments. A book cannot really do justice to all the schemes that are currently available- neither has the author attempted that. There are books specializing in information about investment products which are updated regularly – like In the Wonderland of Investments by Mr. Shanbag.

A few chapters are devoted to answering how much and what type of insurance should you look at during retirement, the attitude of the Indian family to retirement, the need to make a will, some retirement blunders, etc.

What is interesting are the tables at the end of the book telling you how much to save and invest – and case studies about portfolio make over for retirement.

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  1. you have assumed equity return of 18-20% which is not practically possible. Based on such assumptions i can become crorepati by even saving Re1 per day.

  2. Hi Subra,

    First of all, congratulations on the launch of your first book. I am sure you feel elated! I like your theme for 2 reasons: one, that it makes people realise that working till one is 58 or 60 for the sake of it is not mandatory, two- the fact that you shared your insights with many thru this book is commendable. best wishes, Sharada Sunder

  3. Hello Subra Sir,
    Please tell me how can i buy your book in Kolkata.Please mention the price .


  4. Hi Subra,

    I come to know about this concept while reading your article on moneycontrol. It look promising to me as saving a little a day can make such huge amount for retirement. Look good to me I will try to fetch a copy for me :).
    Congrates for your first book launch.


  5. Hi Subra,

    Ur title is really very attractive and very realistic and auto matically attracting every one who likes to invest offerdable sums.

    Thanks for publishing such more useful books.


  6. Hello Sir,

    I have ordered a copy online (A1books) – can’t wait to get it and read it (and hopefully to apply it)


  7. Hey Subra … have been going thru your blog lately … Congrats on the book release and wish you many many more … Have been recommending it to friends too 🙂 Cheers … Priya

  8. bought your book and read it..lots of comments, no time to pen it down. Overall a nice book..could be made better 🙂

  9. The best place to advt a invest.product and some of ur friends praise to it.INTERESTING title Pl give egs to entice us more..

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