A senior executive from a leading private sector bank met up for lunch. One of the topics that came up was “Will gold prices go up?”. He immediately said, YES, SURE, it will shoot up if we sell more gold. Intrigued, I asked him to explain.

He told me a story of one PYT that the bank had recruited for the front counter. She was supposed to sell gold coins. The first 6 customers came with cash, and bought the gold. The 7th customer got a credit card. She sold to him also.

5 days later the reconiciliation was attempted. There were 10 coins short. On being asked the PYT said, of course I have the details of the card sales – she had faithfully recorded the card names, and the card numbers! And the bills were given to the client. She did not know how to charge a credit card…that is all!

Why did this happen?

Is it the employee’s mistake happen? Because of the employee? No.

think about it..and leave a thought!

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  1. Well, IMO its the girl at the counter’s fault! It is common sense as to how credit cards are charged for payment of any item. If they girl does not have such common sense, then she should definitely be penalized for this.

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